Chinese Events

Cultural weddings are a regular occurrence at Concord Function Centre and we always delight in hosting them. Chinese weddings are like no other and are an experience for the wedding party, family and guests. At Concord Function Centre we know what it takes to organise and host a Chinese wedding.

We have all the necessary elements to host a Chinese wedding, from decorations to lazy-Susans, music, lighting and everything else to make it a memorable experience. Most importantly, we have the skills and staff to provide a full Chinese banquet for your special day. Our menus are flexible to cater to specific tastes and traditions.

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to a Chinese wedding with different traditions and cultural elements. We are aware of this and will ensure that your exacting requirements are met.

To learn more about our Chinese wedding packages, please contact us to arrange an appointment with our experienced event coordination team.